Resumo: The Journal of Urban Futures aims to encourage substantive research and generate knowledge for building sustainable urban futures, the backbone of a sustainable planet. It welcomes new knowledge about projecting, forecasting and backcasting urban sustainable development in individual cities and within urbanization processes.

The objectives of the journal are to highlight multi-level research from the neighborhood to the urban and global scale that addresses the future of livable, sustainable and resilient cities. Fundamental to the urban transformation is the decarbonization challenge to fight climate change, which involves the switch to renewable resources and energy efficiency in all urban infrastructure sectors. With urban planning at the core of the city (infra)structure, subjects can also include technological innovations such as the use of IoT for smarter and sharing urban solutions as well as socio-economic transformations that will influence circular economic activity, financial markets, internalization of externalities in production dynamics, economic and social urban resilience and sustainability.

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