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CALDAS, L. R.; SARAIVA, A. ; LUCENA, A. F. ; DA GLORIA, M'HAMED YASSIN R. ; SANTOS, A. S. ; TOLEDO FILHO, ROMILDO D. Building materials in a circular economy: The case of wood waste as CO2-sink in bio concrete Resources Conservation and Recycling, v. 166, p. 105346, 2021.

SANTOS, A. S.; ABREU, V. H. S. ; De Assis, T. F. ; Ribeiro, S.K ; Ribeiro, G. M. An Overview on Costs of Shifting to Sustainable Road Transport: A Challenge for Cities Worldwide Environmental Footprints and Eco-design of Products and Processes. 1ed.Cingapura: Springer, Singapore, 2020, v. 1, p. 93-121.

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