The rules and regulations are primarily intended to guide students concerning the structure of the coursestheirdisciplines, credit requirements, class hours and deadlines. They also indicate the available mechanisms for PET to monitor and support its students with a view to develop their academic activities.

This material reading is mandatory, and understanding it is necessary for a good performance of students throughout the course. Additionally, it is recommended to read the Regulations for Graduate Courses of the Coordination of Graduate Programs in Engineeringof the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Find out more HERE.

PET pdf Guidance for master’s degree students of the Graduate Program in Transportation Engineering

PET pdf User Registration Form for PET intranet

PET pdf Guidance for doctorate degree students of the Graduate Program in Transportation Engineering 

PET pdf Commission of Graduate and Research of UFRJ (CEPG) Resolution 04/01

Student’s Manuals

PET pdf Manual of Enrolment Request on SIGA

PET pdf Manual of Enrolment Modification Request on SIGA